Guarantee on Contractors

by WOHe

Guarantee on Contractors

Chicago iCastle, a home improvement Web site based here, is now
offering an “unconditional guarantee” on the services performed by
its professional contractor network, the company announced.

The company said it is the first and only home improvement Web
site to offer such a guarantee. “We’re able to make this strong
guarantee because our contractors are the best in the business,”
said Michael Toll, iCastle president and CEO. “You can think of
iCastle as the ‘who’s who’ of 
home improvement, the elite professionals who were put under the
microscope and made the grade,” added Toll, the former president of
Sears Home Improvement Services.
According to the company, iCastle contractors undergo a “rigorous”
screening process 
that includes interviews, a review of the contractors’ work
history, license and insurance verification, legal and financial
background checks, a Better Business report, and multiple
references from homeowners, suppliers and other

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