Handcrafted Homes, Inc., Roswell, Ga.

by Kacey Larsen

A homeowner’s needs and desires may begin as separate entities but over the course of a project they can blend together, as was the case for homeowners who wanted their terrace level to be a less formal entertaining space than their traditional main level. Seeking an open entertainment room with a bar area, hall and staircase walls were removed, and columns became a key feature of the space. A semi-circle shaped bar provided a space for seating and entertaining, while a functional area is located in the lower bar and back area with a dishwasher, trash drawer, ice maker, refrigerator and tall cabinets for glasses and dishware. An informal media room relates to the entertainment space  walls were removed and columns divide the spaces with the TV suspended between two such columns. A new staircase became part of the plan as the design developed and featured a lower rise and thicker, deeper treads. The space under the stairs was transformed into a small wine cellar with a glass door and windows to create the illusion of a larger space.

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