Hardware Maximizes Space & Efficiency

by ashaw@solagroup.com

Whether it's empty nesters downsizing their spaces, millennials just starting out with limited square footage to work with or city dwellers who live in areas where space is at a premium, it's critical to maximize kitchen cabinet space and use that space efficiently. To that end, the right hardware can make all the difference.

Designers are increasingly looking for hardware that allows for flexible designs that take advantage of every available inch of kitchen space. Easy access and smooth, noise-free operation are also top priorities when it comes to functional hardware.

Below are some of the hottest trends in functional hardware right now.

— Soft-close and touch-to-open technologies have improved dramatically in recent years, and are becoming not just desired but expected by many consumers who want a seamless kitchen experience.

— As part of today's trend toward cleaner, more streamlined designs, there's a growing demand for functional hardware that assists in minimizing clutter by hiding things like trash bins, small appliances, etc.

–New hardware allows for larger doors that can slide up and down, side to side or up and away to provide easier access.

–Lighting-specific hardware continues to trend upwards as it allows users to better see the entire cabinet interior, ensuring that space is not lost to dark corners.

— Hardware that saves time, whether with ease of installation or easy adjustment, is also popular right now.

— The streamlined kitchen trend extends to functional hardware as well: With hinges and slides, the goal is to provide products that not only have simple, clean lines, but that work so smoothly and seamlessly, the user almost forgets they are there.

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