Hardware’s New Age

by WOHe

Hardware’s New Age

Adding the perfect touches to a client’s luxury bath calls for a
good eye for detail. And since, when it comes to design, the
details really count, choosing the proper bath hardware or
accessories to brighten up a design can be a crucial decision.

Accessories such as towel racks, toilet paper holders, towel
warmers and rail pulls are the accents that can pull a room
together and transform a merely attractive bathroom into a truly
luxurious one. The most recent crop of bathroom hardware and
accessories offer not only added convenience, but also plenty of
stylish appeal, with a host of designs suited to a variety of bath

For convenience, many designers have turned to paper holders and
towel racks with a curved, serpentine-style shape, simplifying
cleaning and making removal of towels or paper an effortless task.
Other contemporary offerings, too, are gaining consumer interest,
such as showerheads with water filter and massage options, heated
towel racks and mirror defoggers that make the bathroom experience
more convenient and enjoyable.

Incorporating finishes that range from pewter to rust to the
popular stainless steel, these accessories complement a variety of
bath designs, from traditional to contemporary. 

With finishing touches such as matching soap dishes, robe hooks,
grab bars, paper holders and beautiful hardware, designers not only
upgrade clients’ bathrooms, they can also upgrade their lives.

On this and the following two pages, Kitchen & Bath Design
News highlights some of the latest bathroom hardware and
accessories that help to transform the bathroom into the luxurious
getaway clients desire.

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