Harth Builders

by Emily Blackburn

CEO Gregory Harth

Spring House, PA
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 96.96
GQ 2019 Recommend Rate: 96.88
Number of Jobs in 2019: 65
Type of Firm: Design/Build
CEO: Gregory Harth

The COVID-19 pandemic changed homeowner interactions. What measures do you use to signal an extra level of care when working in or around a client’s home?

We are in Pennsylvania, which was one of the earliest hot spots and also one of the few states to actually close all construction down. When reopening, safety of all was at the forefront of everyone’s mind. The shut down allowed us to shift to virtually working via TEAMS and Zoom and actually made our design team more efficient.

We are using wash stations at every project, portabowls with wash sinks, and BuildClean units for hepa air filters. EAch project we develop a site specific Site Sanitation plan that allows us clear access from a dedicated door, no more shared bathrooms or entries, and fully separate zip walls and dust control (COVID control)? Daily wipe downs of handles and high touch traffic areas too.

Seamless communication technology is now both necessary and expected. How have you used new technology platforms to promote better customer communication and satisfaction?

Design team and estimating became 25% MORE efficient and lowered costs, while allowing our employees, trade partners and clients to remain in the safety of their homes. The initial consultations in Sales will be Zoom from here forward and cut those appointments in half the time, and even more effective by allowing sales to pull up photos from other similar projects to share with a client.

Our trade walk throughs have also been even more effective by allowing trade partners to save the time driving to / from job sites and can be bidding the projects while on a TEAMS call. Most have stated we are saving them 2 hours of time per Trade walk. We have used a local service to deliver sets of plans to the clients as well.

What was your message to clients with projects in progress in order to keep them happy and satisfied during the uncertainty of the stay-at-home period?

Stay ahead of it and continue to be accessible. For clients that were under construction when we were shut down, to folks that were in the queue for construction, we have had to just be present and communicate even more often.


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