HD Countertops Imitate and Exceed Natural Stone

by agirolamo@solagroup.com

Now offering integrated sinks and two new edge options, Wilsonart has expanded its HD series countertop line.

According to the company, the new styles are globetrotters, inspired by the “sweeping, rugged coast of Santorini, Greece, marbled stone piazzas in Italy and luxurious, sleek slate from the rolling hills of South Africa.”

“This year is all about creating texture through coordinated looks and lighter tones,” adds Jill Lock, senior product designer for Wilsonart. “We’ve sought designs that coordinate the countertop with the island and selected lighter, more fluid tones with low gloss that give the texture of natural stone.  As consumers combine materials including wood, metal and glass in the kitchen, the new Wilsonart HD designs complement these materials in the evolving kitchen space.” 

The 14 new designs, including African and Bengal Slates; Salentina Rosso, Nero and Grigio; Silver and Golden Travertines; Roman, Tuscan and Corinthian Limestones; Perla and Aged Piazza; Carrara Santorini, and Bainbrook Grey, bring the total number of HD design options to 50.

These newest additions reflect Wilsonart’s work to refine its design, printing and optical surface finishes in an effort to better create the tones, color gradations, fissures and formations found in natural stone. The HD collection combines 50 design options with three surface textures ranging from gloss to matte in styles called Mirage, Facet and its newest texture addition, Honed Glaze. Three edge options and eight sink configurations round out the offerings and  allow consumers to choose among hundreds of possible configurations. QR

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