Heck-Ava Tub

by bkrigbaum@solagroup.com

The Ava tub is the first in a series of accessible bathtubs by Aquatic. The vision behind its design is one that advances the functionality and style of accessible tubs, ultimately delivering a deep, warm, soothing bath experience to a wider range of bathers.

Demand for this tub was generated from within the walk-in tub market, says Dave McFarland, director of marketing and new product development, Aquatic Co. in Anaheim, Calif. “It’s still an emerging market with Baby Boomers continuing to get older. Our goal with the Ava tub is to provide a solution that addresses the limitations of existing product in this market.”

Targeted users of the Ava tub include bathers with limited mobility, not just those wanting to age in place, McFarland says. “However, the target market also includes a broader array of consumers, including those with an aging parent living with them, or those who are looking for a safer solution to bathe children. Or those wanting to mature in their home.”

With an appearance that’s neutral yet contemporary, the tub features a high entry point at roughly waist level that allows users to sit and easily swing their legs up and into the tub, McFarland explains. “Unlike walk-in tubs, this tub gives users the chance to recline and enjoy a deep soaking experience like they would in a standard tub. To do this and provide access, we raised the floor of the tub off the ground and put it about wheelchair-transfer height, so you can enter in a seated position,” he says.

The side of the tub features a door that slides up and down. When the bather is in the tub and the door is closed, an inflatable device seals the door making it totally waterproof, McFarland says. “Once the bather is finished, water is quickly evacuated from the tub into a holding tank below the tub, then drains from that holding tank. The benefit is the ability to evacuate 70 gallons of water in 30 seconds,” he adds.

The tub’s operation is controlled electronically with redundant keypads on both the inside and outside of the tub. For now, the Ava tub is available only in white, with more color options planned for the future. Other options include a whirlpool function of an air-bubble system, but not both simultaneously, McFarland explains. “The whirlpool function features an inline heater to keep the water warm.

Dimensions are 60 by 32 inches, which fits standard alcoves in most homes across the country, he says, and is ideal for both remodeling and new construction. For more info, please type in #7 in E-Inquiry Form or visit aquaticbath.com.

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