HighCraft Builders

by Emily Blackburn

Fort Collins, Colo.
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 96%
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Dwight Sailer

QR: Your team was able to achieve high rates of customer satisfaction during the pandemic, a time of greater scrutiny because clients were at home more. There were also supply-chain delays. What measures did your firm take to maintain client satisfaction?

The client always comes first at HighCraft Builders. So when the pandemic hit, and supply-chain delays wreaked havoc across the industry, our team dug deeper and got the job done – on time, on budget, no excuses.

HighCraft increased communication with clients, their neighbors, our staff, trade partners, vendors, municipal planning departments, and the community at large, throughout the pandemic. During the early days of COVID-19, HighCraft went on the offensive to maintain a sense of calm and order amid the growing chaos. Project managers contacted every client about the status of their project, and notified all trade partners and affected vendors about client decisions and next steps. Because everything we do is driven by the client, we went above and beyond industry best practices to keep our customers, and our team, safe. Through it all, we continued to honor our fixed-price contracts, guaranteed completion dates, and robust five-year warranty.

Every member of our design-build team stepped in to help where needed. When suppliers stopped delivering, we picked up materials with our personal vehicles. When subcontractors failed to show, we put in extra hours to complete the labor ourselves. As other remodelers were laying people off, we hired two new people and trained them on the job. When city planning departments canceled onsite inspections, we worked with them to conduct video inspections to keep our projects on schedule. Knowing that more neighbors were working from home, and children were attending school remotely, our team worked hard to keep noise levels low and our jobsites tidy.

At the first signs of a supply chain issue, we communicated that to our team, trades, and clients, and prioritized ordering those materials that had the longest lead times. At HighCraft, we’ve spent twenty-four years building good working relationships with our vendors. They trust us, we trust them, and loyalties run deep. When materials are scarce and suppliers have to prioritize jobs, they’re going to work with a company that has supported them through thick and thin over the years – a company they trust, like HighCraft Builders.

QR: Firms with happier employees have higher levels of customer satisfaction. What are the top ways you are able to keep your employees happy and satisfied?

We put Serving Heart at the forefront of all that we do and extend that care right down to one another.  We operate as a small family, and we know that we always have each other’s backs, regardless of what life hands us. Each member of our team anticipates and longs to meet the needs of others. Team Players at HighCraft work towards the success of the team over themselves as individuals, and Self-Starters seek to always be contributing, without need for direction or over-management from supervisors.  We place a lot of trust in each other, and encourage every team member to contribute ideas, suggest changes, and then work together to implement those new ideas whenever possible.  We are a team of leaders, and every voice is as valuable as the next. As part of our values, we place individual attention on every employee, customizing  benefits and schedules to meet the needs of employees and their families. 

We expect a lot from each other, but we also just have fun together!  We participate in team-building activities like sporting events, escape rooms, golf days, team dinners, volunteer days, and some of the most epic Holiday parties you could imagine.  We celebrate each other’s families, accomplishments, and successes, and we are there for each other when life gets hard.  We live alongside each other and we feel alongside each other.

QR:Purpose driven” companies, those that exist to effect change or take action on something bigger than their products or services, attract a younger, higher skilled employees who tend to be more engaged workers. Some firms connect their “purpose” to a written mission statement. Do you operate a purpose-driven organization? And in what ways does your firm extend itself to outside causes.

HighCraft has a very purpose-driven culture, and we are extremely transparent with our values.  We strive to communicate to our community and any potential future employees that HighCraft is much more than just “products and services.” At the top of our Join Our Team page on our website we pose the question, “Are you passionate about enhancing the lives of people across Northern Colorado?”. On that same page, we also share what we feel are the

We take very seriously the Community Minded section of that list of values.  At HighCraft, we realize that our company is only as strong as the community where we live, work and raise our families. So giving back is important to us. We support nonprofits where we live and work, especially those “that provide food, shelter, safety or enrichment to vulnerable populations in our community, with priority given to disabled children and families at risk of homelessness.”.

We also strive to improve best practices in our industry, participating in trade associations like the Northern Colorado Home Builders Association, Colorado Association of Homes Builders, The Better Business Bureau, National Association of Home Builders, Remodelers Council, US Green Building Council, The American Institute of Architects, American Society of Interior Design, and the International Interior Design Association.  HighCraft also gives back to local schools to reach out to the next generation of builders and designers whenever possible, hosting class jobsite tours, job shadow days, participating in presentations at local High Schools, and volunteering with both Colorado State University and Front Range Community College as an educational resource for up and coming individuals in our industry.

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