Historic Restoration – Best of Show Over $250,000

by bkrigbaum@solagroup.com

Gold Winner: HartmanBaldwin Design/Build, Claremont, Calif.
Project location: Claremont, Calif.
Sq. ft. before: 2,963
Sq. ft. after: 3,962
Project cost: $2.8 Million

In 1903, architects Charles and Henry Greene were commissioned to design and build a house in Claremont, Calif. Recently purchased, the new homeowners wanted to renovate and restore the entire property including the exterior landscape. This three-phase restoration also included a new garage and study addition.

The goal was to upgrade the building to accommodate a modern-day lifestyle while protecting and restoring the home’s architectural integrity. Special attention was taken during design and construction to integrate as many energy-efficient and green measures to the project as possible without detracting or interfering with the aesthetic qualities of the home.

This complex renovation project was carried out in multiple phases because of a few unique challenges that were specific to this restoration project. The first was making sure that HartmanBaldwin Design/Build were well educated on the architectural intent of Greene & Greene. Many hours were spent reviewing the original blueprints in order to get an accurate account of all architectural elements that were lost or severely diminished through the years and would need to be restored or re-created.

The second challenge was the condition of the home. It was in a terrible state. Years of wear and tear and bad remodels, roof, window and shingle replacements had left almost every part of the house needing attention. Special care was taken during the demolition process in which HartmanBaldwin Design/Build meticulously took apart and preserved anything that could be restored or recycled.

The third challenge was accommodating modern-day lifestyle needs to seamlessly integrate with this historic property. Given the historic nature of the house, the challenge was to create a design that would allow private outdoor space for the homeowner, storage and garages for three cars, as well as a studio building all without compromising the views of the house from the street.

To better accommodate modern day lifestyle, the remodel portion of this project reorganized an earlier inefficient kitchen remodel and added vintage-styled guest bathrooms for visitors. Additionally, a larger master suite was created with a full bath with additional closet space. This required the reinforcement of some walls and roof in order to fix compromised structural areas of the house.

On the exterior, one of the first steps was relocating the original horse carriage garage to another property to make room for a new three-car garage and studio. The new garage duplicates the design and scale of the original, but accommodates three cars and is positioned to afford more private garden space on the otherwise exposed corner lot.

As is common with many older homes, the Darling-Wright residence now presents an inviting face to the community with a custom stained-glass front door and porch oriented toward the street. The entryway also provides residents with a good view of callers approaching the door.

Silver Winner:
Team Entry: Architectural Resource, Ann Arbor, Mich. & Home Renewal, Inc., Manchester, Mich.

Bronze Winner:
Team Entry: Doug Walter Architects, Denver, Colo. & Garner Homes, Westminster, Colo.

Honorable mention:
Metropolitan Builders, Charlotte, N.C.

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