HIVEX Basement Finishing Co.

by Emily Blackburn

CEO Lena McNally

CEO Christopher McNally

Fredericksburg, VA
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 99.03
GQ 2019 Recommend Rate: 100
Number of Jobs in 2019: 65
Type of Firm: Home improvement/Replacement
CEO: Lena and Christopher McNally

The COVID-19 pandemic changed homeowner interactions. What measures do you use to signal an extra level of care when working in or around a client’s home?

HIVEX has stayed diligent and dedicated to protecting our clients and employees during this time. When COVID-19 was recognized as a pandemic our first change was to implement daily health screenings for our employees. We immediately began offering paid sick leave for employees experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 in order to ensure that sick employees stayed home and did not interact with other employees or clients. Because we are a specialty contractor, offering only basement finishing, we have been able to isolate our work area from the rest of the home reducing contact between home owners and our crews. We are able to access almost every job by entering/exiting through the basement. On the day of construction start, we spray commercial grade sanitizer throughout the basement for the safety of our own employees. For our job progress walkthroughs, we have given our customers the option of virtual meetings. We have shifted how we manage our production schedule to create buffers between each trade. This limits the amount of people working together onsite.

Seamless communication technology is now both necessary and expected. How have you used new technology platforms to promote better customer communication and satisfaction?

As a means of continuing to gain new business and in turn assist homeowners who preferred to stay isolated, we implemented a virtual sales program. Prior to virtual consultations, we gain information from the homeowner regarding their home builder and home model and/or obtain the county tax assessment records. We acquire the necessary specs on the house in order to provide accurate quotes for the space the homeowner would like to finish.

We then use Zoom or Facetime as a means to meet with our prospective clients and give our presentation. The homeowner virtually walks us through the unfinished basement and we discuss the space as well as their needs and options. We then follow up immediately with their price quote. For contract closing meetings we have used the same technology mentioned, and also began using the E-sign method offered by our finance company and DocuSign software for our contracts and change orders.

Zoom and Facetime have also been great tools for virtual client walkthroughs as well as county inspections. We have determined that although they are not new, email and text messaging has had greater emphasis as well.

We have been successful in the implementation of new technology and will continue to offer these virtual options. Throughout the pandemic we have completed several jobs with zero in person contact with the homeowner and have been able to delivery satisfactory service, as reflected in our Guild Quality satisfaction scores.

What was your message to clients with projects in progress in order to keep them happy and satisfied during the uncertainty of the stay-at-home period?

Our response to the stay-in-place and threat of COVID-19 was a message of commitment to the health and safety of our clients and employees. We emphasized the protocols in place for our employees so that our clients would feel safe and comfortable to allow us to continue construction. Each project manager clearly communicated procedure changes to active jobs. We also created a construction day of start protocol that has worked seamlessly to minimize or eliminate in person contact while maintaining necessary communication. We have continued to hold a significant backlog during this time and feel that our team has done a fantastic job adapting to these necessary changes.

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