Hogan Design & Construction

by Emily Blackburn

Brad Hogan

Brian Hogan






Geneva, Illinois
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 98%
GQ 2020 Recommend Rate: 100%
Number of Jobs in 2020: 38
Type of Firm: Design/Build
CEO: Brian Hogan, Brad Hogan

1. Demand for services is stronger than ever. Supply delays are widespread. Building product prices are rising. Please name the concrete steps you take to keep customers satisfied as timelines and prices are fluctuating?

1. We are setting clear expectations of timelines from the very first client introduction meeting, letting customers know that start dates are based on material lead-times and lead-times are changing daily. We let them know we will not schedule start dates until we have the long-lead items delivered to avoid a project stalling midway through construction. And, as always, we continue to communicate any changes in our planning and allocating with our clients so that they are aware of all things related to their project every step of the way.

2. We have also added price escalation and de-escalation clauses to our contracts which communicate how increases/decreases in material costs will be handled – who pays for these changes and when these clauses are implemented.

2. A good remodeling or home improvement firm knows the limits of its capabilities to take on additional work. What do/would you communicate to clients when you cannot handle their job and must decline their inquiry?

Our design build model allows us to fill our pipeline. When we meet with our clients, we outline the flow and timing of our design first to build/construction process in order to set clear expectations. As a result, if a customer wants to start construction immediately, we let them know that our process does not fit their need and that they may be better served working with another contractor that can meet their time frame.

We always prefer to have any prospective client get what they need when they need it. If we cannot meet that need, we will always let them know. This practice ultimately saves all parties involved from a frustrating remodeling/building experience.

3. During busy times like these, operational adjustments are needed in order to take on more work, often with the same level of staffing. What steps have you taken to ensure a quality experience despite the added workloads for your team?

1. We are continually adding back-end support for our project managers and working with them to delegate tasks that can be completed by someone else.

2. In order to ensure we are living up to our customer service goals, we always monitor our GuildQuality results, paying special attention to surveys conducted at the half way point of a project. If there is an issue, we are sure to address it well before a project finishes to ensure that the client’s needs are being met and the overall experience is a positive one.

3. We have also increased communication with our customers and implemented more check points during a project’s planning phase in order to improve transparency and clarify any details before mistakes can be made.

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