Home Builders Push Congress to Address Housing Issues

by Emily Blackburn

More than 600 home builders from across the nation trekked to Capitol Hill in June as part of an ongoing campaign to spotlight a “growing housing affordability crisis that threatens to derail the economy,” the National Association of Home Builders reported.

The NAHB said that the home builders’ contingent met with Congressional lawmakers who were urged to support policies that will ease building material production bottlenecks and increase the production of quality, affordable housing.

“A growing shortage of affordable housing and rising housing costs stemming from historically high price levels for lumber and other building materials, supply chain bottlenecks, surging interest rates and excessive regulations are hurting families and communities nationwide,” said NAHB Chairman Jerry Konter.

“Builders are sending a loud and clear message that Congress must act now to help improve affordability conditions by implementing policies that will help builders to construct more single-family homes and apartments to meet consumer demand,” he added.

In more than 200 individual meetings with their representatives and senators, builders discussed several key housing issues, including volatile building material prices and supply chain disruptions; diminishing housing affordability conditions; burdensome federal, state and local building regulations; skyrocketing inflation and interest rates; and a chronic construction labor shortage.

In their meetings with lawmakers, the NAHB urged Congress to suspend tariffs on Canadian lumber imports into the U.S. to help reduce unprecedented lumber price volatility and to enter into negotiations with Canada on a new softwood lumber agreement.

Also advocated was the promotion and funding of job training programs to prepare individuals for careers in home building and for Congress to pursue immigration policies that help fill labor gaps while protecting the nation’s borders.

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