Home destroyed mid-construction due to surveyor’s error

by rheselbarth@solagroup.com

Tue., July 3, 2012 — A new home being built in the Hamptons for a couple discovered a surveying error half way through construction that forced them to hit the brakes, tear down and start from scratch. Their discovery was that there wasn’t enough room to fit a pool in the backyard.

Eric and Margaret Friedberg ordered the house be torn down and started from scratch, The New York Post reports. The house, builders say, was built in the wrong spot and the couple had no room for a backyard or pool.

“Mistakes happen,” Margaret Friedberg told the New York Post. “I love my architect and my builder. This was a surveyor’s problem.”

This was the second time the couple had demolished a home on the property, which they originally purchased for $2.478 million in May 2011. An upgraded 1,674-square-foot home that once stood there was torn down to make room for this new one.

The teardown of the most recent home had about $150,000 invested so far in the construction of the project. The framing of the first floor and partial framing of second floor had to be dismantled, and the 45-by-45-foot concrete had to be smashed, The New York Post reports.

Source: “Hamptons Couple Tears Down House After Construction Error,” The New York Post (July 2, 2012)




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