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Home improvement loans give consumers a viable option to pay for remodeling projects when they do not have much equity in their house or would rather not take on credit card debt. Many contractors recognize the value of offering finance packages that enable clients to afford a job; however, few of them have the time or bandwidth to absorb the services into their organization.

A number of lenders now partner with remodelers to provide flexible choices for customers who could benefit from a home improvement loan. More companies also have developed an app that can walk homeowners through the process and render a decision on their loan application before contractors leave the house, which can help close additional sales and increase their bottom line.

EnerBank USA

home improvement loan


The EnerBank USA mobile loan app gives authorized contractors a new tool to offer customers who apply for a home improvement loan. Customers can transfer their application from the app to a live lender at any stage in the application process, and contractors have the ability to build custom loan templates that can jump-start the loan application process for their customers. Using the camera on their mobile device, customers can easily add contact information by scanning a state issued ID; after completing the application, customers typically receive a credit decision in seconds. Their personal information is secure and removed from the device, furthermore, as soon as the application is complete and submitted. For more information about the EnerBank USA app, visit enerbank.com/mobile.



home improvement loan


The GreenSky mobile app helps remodelers grow sales and satisfy their customers through a simplification and streamlining of the loan application process. Customers can receive a loan approval in minutes after submitting their application. Following up with them, moreover, has never been easier because contractors can keep track of recently submitted applications in one place. The company designed its Payment Estimator to assist customers in comparing monthly payments for different size projects side by side. For more information about the GreenSky app, visit greensky.com/mobile.

Service Finance


home improvement loan


The Service Finance mobile app allows registered dealers and their authorized agents to securely apply for customer financing on site 24/7. Exclusive add-ons, such as the capture of demographic information by simply scanning a driver’s license, enable customers to quickly fill out the secure application. Agents can be notified on their device in real time with an underwriting decision and also snap photos and upload work orders using the existing camera. The company’s app provides a touch interface for customers to sign their loan documents electronically, giving an agent the ability to complete all the required tasks before leaving the property and reducing the processing time. Agents can then follow the progress of the request through all of the steps and manage their individual pipeline in real time. Office administrators can have access to the agent management dashboard as well after registering and completing training, at which point they have the ability to grant and delete access to the mobile application. For more information about the Service Finance app, visit svcfin.com. QR

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