Homeowners are Time-Starved and Heavily Stressed, Studies Find

by WOHe

Homeowners are Time-Starved and Heavily Stressed,
Studies Find

The single most important trend that will drive consumers over
the next several years is the lack of time a fact of life that
spells important news for kitchen and bath retailers.

According to a pair of a recent studies by the Riedel Marketing
Group, a leading consumer research firm, most American families
today have less “free time” than ever.

For example:

  • The work week has increased by 15% in the last 25 years, while
    leisure time has decreased 37%.
  • Some 22% of women worked more than 40 hours a week in 1998,
    compared with 14% in 1979. As for men, 40% work more than 40 hours
    a week an increase of 5% over the two decades.
  • Today’s average married couple labor a cumulative 717
    more each year than a working couple in 1969. 

Two different research studies cited by Riedel arrived at the
same conclusion: In one study, 65% of respondents strongly agreed
with the statement “there are just not enough hours in the day to
get everything done.” In another study, 76% of respondents strongly
agreed with the statement “I do not have enough time in the day to
get everything done.”

Americans also report that they’re willing to pay, trade future
income and sacrifice career advancement in order to create more
time for their personal life. 

Many kitchen and bath retailers already offer solutions to this
time crunch in the form of more efficient and user-friendly rooms
that mean less time needed on maintenance. Kitchen/great rooms give
busy families a place to make the most of this scarce leisure time,
while luxurious master baths give couples a soothing haven to relax
and unwind from the day. At the same time, specialized storage
increases efficiency in every room, and saves time.

However, are you sending the right message? If you offer
one-stop design, product and installation service, does your
literature, signage and advertising reflect that benefit? Too many
design firms that offer turnkey service do not stress its

Furthermore, many kitchen/bath retailers fail to recognize the
value of time to today’s consumers. Your customers are in their
offices during ordinary business hours, and even beyond. You must
make your store hours and availability match their needs, not

Kitchen and bath retailers are selling what consumers need most
today. But it’s the fault of retailers if they fail to let
consumers know that.

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