Huntington Tile Acquired by PA Company

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Huntington Tile Acquired by PA Company

Philadelphia, PA Huntington Tile Co., the Fort Worth, TX-based
manufacturer of ceramic floor and decorative wall tiles, has been
acquired by Acorn USA Holdings, an affiliate of PGM Products, the
new owner announced.

The mid-August acquisition, whose terms were not disclosed,
results in the formation of a new company, Huntington Tile Group,
which will provide “a platform for additional acquisitions of tile
manufacturers in the U.S. and around the world,” according to
company officials.

“It is our intention to build a diversified network of ceramic
tile manufacturers, through which we will be in a position to serve
the needs of independent tile distributors and the home improvement
industry with unprecedented efficiency,” commented Huntington Tile
Group Chairman Howard Steinberg.

Steinberg said the company’s headquarters and principal
production facility will remain in place in Fort Worth under the
new corporate management.

Huntington Tile which was established in 1948 and is one of the
nation’s oldest ceramic tile manufacturers and distributors also
operates a ceramic tile manufacturing plant in Mt. Vernon, TX, and
employs some 200 workers, according to the company.

PGM Products, a leading manufacturer of wood products, has been
involved in the manufacture and sale of ceramic tile products for
the past several years.

Huntington Tile Group also named David Hyland, a prominent tile
industry executive, as president. Hyland was previously associated
with Interceramic Inc.

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