Important Tips Offered for Showroom and Job Site Safety

by WOHe

Important Tips Offered for Showroom and Job Site

Accidents and unforeseen problems happen in business every

Are you ready?

If you lost your head installer through accident or illness, how
would the crew function? If your office manager misses a day
through illness, does the office grind to a halt until she comes
back? That’s a danger sign. Think now about what would happen if
you lost key personnel for an extended period, and how you would

Even if your business is so small that you are not required to
have workmen’s compensation insurance, or if you are in the tiny
minority of states where it’s not mandatory, you should consider
covering your employees. We live in a litiginous society, and
negligence suits are a lot more expensive and time-consuming than
paying insurance premiums. If you use independent contractors, be
sure their employees are covered.

In your showroom, cloth and vinyl chairs, carpeting and drapery,
and even paper can create a fire hazard. Misplaced waste baskets,
poorly lighted halls, substances tracked in from outside, frayed
carpet, a file drawer left open, telephone and electrical cords on
the floor, and mishandled office machines are all examples of
office safety hazards.

Taking steps to create a safety program can help cut your

Be sure your showroom has fire extinguishers that are readily
accessible and charged on a regular schedule. Be sure company
vehicles are kept in tune and well-maintained.

On the job site, replace power tools that have frayed cords. Be
sure your employees and subcontractors take proper care such as by
wearing safety goggles and work gloves to avoid injury.

Watch out for clients’ and prospects’ safety. If you have a
working display, be sure there is non-slip flooring or matting
wherever water might spill. Be sure your customers are warned in
writing to make certain that children and pets are not on-site
during tear-out and installation, and be sure other areas of the
home are protected from dust and grime while you’re working.

Keep a copy of important papers (articles of incorporation,
insurance policies and the like) off site. Keep the originals in a
fireproof strongbox. Be sure your computers are plugged into surge
protectors, and be sure data is backed up on a regular basis.

A little attention now can help prevent weeks of trouble and
unhappiness later. The best companies prepare ahead of time for the
worst of circumstances. 

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