In A Whole New Light

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In A Whole New Light

When it comes to lighting up the kitchen and bath industry, the
future of technology is clearly at hand.

A growing interest in contemporary lighting has brought new
designs into the fold that combine both functionality and style,
showing off the kitchen and bath in a whole new light. Exciting new
options allow for flexible, user-friendly general, task and
specialty lighting that can be personalized for the specific needs
of the homeowner.

In fact, some of today’s lighting is so user-friendly, it can be
adapted for both indoor and outdoor use.

While contemporary designs are hot, many manufacturers are also
introducing lines that rely on a classic look, reminiscent of times
past, to add a warm, nostalgic feel to today’s kitchens and

In the contemporary arena, sleek designs in recessed lighting
offer a glimpse to more modern approaches, without drawing
attention to the lighting itself. Additionally, some designers are
opting to “mix and match” with their lighting selections, using
various sizes, shapes and hues, subtly blending light with the
textures and characteristics of the room being illuminated.

On the other end of the spectrum, more dramatic lighting
fixtures feature various styles of eye-catching colored glass,
creating a unique and elegant accent note for the kitchen or

On this and the following page, Kitchen & Bath Design News
looks at just a small sampling of some of the most exciting kitchen
and bath lighting options on the market today.

1. Progress Lighting’s
Eclipse Collection fixtures feature a choice of polished brass and
brushed steel, highlighted with satin white glass. In addition, the
Eclipse Collection includes styles ranging from traditional to
contemporary for chandeliers, close-to-ceiling fixtures and wall

2. Meyda Tiffany’s
decorative wall sconces recreate some of Tiffany’s designs,
including Peacock, Honey Locust, Rosebush and Bell Flower,
according to the company. Pictured is the all-new Two-Light Tiffany
Roman design.

3. The ModuleX system
from Ardee Lighting features recessed ceiling downlights and
interchangeable trim components that allow for customization of
lighting design, according to the company. In addition, the ModuleX
System features three low-profile trim housings, for use with
Ardee’s A35 Series Rough-In steel frames.

4. Lithonia Lighting’s
adjustable halogen cabinet/task lighting with dual-level beam
offers bright, efficient illumination and greater light control,
according to the company. The fixtures are available with one, two
or three 25-watt line voltage halogen lamps for either direct-wire
or cord-and-plug styles.

5. Alkco Lighting’s Xenix
miniaturized line-voltage linear undercabinet lighting provides
high performance, dimmable incandescent lighting designed for
office workstations, cabinetry and kitchen counters, the company
notes. Each Xenix module links together via tiny plug-in

6. Solatube’s Brighten Up
Series introduces a full-line of flashings including pitched and
no-pitch styles. The flashings are stamped from an aluminized steel
sheet that is twice as strong as aluminum and resists corrosion,
according to the company.

7. Lucifer Lighting’s
STRIA linear fixture features two nested aluminum extrusions and a
ribbed ‘plaster lock’ flange. In addition, the STRIA is rated at 20
amps and comes complete with terminal block and fitting support.
Its three-watt incandescent festoon lamps can also be dimmed.

8. Envel Design Corp.’s
ENVELTEC ‘Field of Diamonds’ pattern lighting panels feature
high-efficiency lenses that transmit 70 percent of light, the
company notes. The panels come in standard sizes of 2’x2′ or 2’x4′,
or can be ordered in custom dimensions.

9. The Arc Lamp from Hera
Lighting is easy to install and offers several application
possibilities, according to the company. The lamp comes in 12-1/4″
or 25-1/2″ lengths and is offered in swivel or non-swivel
10. Con-Tech Lighting’s
Express Trims and housings feature precision-formed trim rings, a
two-stage lamp setting and a set-screw locking to fix hanger bars.
In addition, the incandescent downlight features a reduced-size
5-5/16″ finished ceiling opening. 

11. Duro-Lite’s OMNI-LITE
Adjustable Undercabinet Halogen Lighting System offers a swivel
head that allows the user to tilt the head to focus the light
directly toward the task area, according to the company. Each
fixture is operated independently, but only one electrical outlet
is needed to power a full lighting system, the company adds.

12. Hafele’s Low-Voltage
Halogen Lighting Systems are small in profile and are equipped with
snap-in plugs, which eliminates the need for an electrician,
according to the company. The systems are available in a variety of

13. Panasonic’s
Whisperlite Series is a fan/light combination that offers quiet
ventilation with warm, color-corrected lighting. The Whisperlite
features two Panasonic Quick Start, 13-watt energy-efficient lamps,
a contemporary lighting grille design, thermal fuse protection and
a rust-proof paint treatment on a galvanized steel body.

14. Task Lighting’s Luche
LX Series delivers a seamless expanse of light for undercabinet
task and accent applications, according to the company. The
lighting system is available in eight sizes ranging from 5″ to 36″,
and comes lamped with six-watt Xenon bulbs. The series also
features a removable transparent lens, dimming capability and an
estimated lamp life of 11,000 hours.

15. Outwater Plastics
Industries’ Flexlight Rope Lighting features a 120-volt and
low-voltage format. Flexlight is available in eight different
colors and is sold in 30′ or 150′ full coils that can be cut in

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