In Memoriam

by WOHe

In Memoriam

K&BDN’s extended family, like the rest of the nation, was
wounded in a very real way by the horrific events of Sept. 11.
Philip Hayes, the father of K&BDN’s talented art director Laura
Froehlich, was among those whose lives were lost in the attack and
subsequent collapse of the WTC. 

Hayes, a retired NYC firefighter who worked part-time at the
World Trade Center, refused to leave the scene after the attack.
Instead, he demonstrated the character, heart and dedication of so
many emergency workers at the scene, helping to evacuate scores of
people including children from a day care center. 

Several weeks after the tragedy, Laura gave birth to her second
son. She and her husband, Scott, named the baby Philip.

Our hope for Laura and her family is that they find some small
comfort in the memory of how Philip Hayes lived and died, and how
he continues to live through his new grandson. Our other hope is
that Laura returns to work as soon as possible, applying her talent
and energy to making K&BDN look better than ever.

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