Indoor Comfort

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Whole-House Air Filtration System.
The GuardianPlus Air System provides whole-house HEPA air
filtration, fresh-air ventilation and energy recovery. The system
is designed for use in humid climates needing energy efficient
ventilation. The unit transfers both latent (moisture) energy and
sensible (temperature) energy from opposing air streams,
heating/cooling incoming air and minimizing incoming humidity. The
fresh air reduces the presence of contaminants smaller than 0.3
microns and HEPA filtration removes pollens, dust, mold spores and
pet dander from the air. Broan-NuTone. (800)

Intelligent Residential
The Infinity control is the command center for
the Infinity line of furnaces and air conditioning products. The
control device is the first in the industry to integrate and manage
all six core functions temperature, humidity, air flow,
ventilation, indoor air quality and zoning into a single unit. It
is designed to provide energy efficiency and cost savings, and
features a large, illuminated display on which appears prompts
related to maintenance issues. The phone number of the nearest
dealer can be displayed as well. Carrier Corp.
(315) 432-7176

Temperature and Humidity Monitor.
The Hobo temperature and humidity monitor tracks indoor temperature
and humidity levels. The unit displays readings of both
measurements and can activate an optional auto dialer that can dial
up to four phone or pager numbers and transmit a voice or numeric
message indicating out-of-range conditions. The device is a
stand-alone, battery-operated system that operates for one year on
off-the-shelf alkaline batteries, and can be mounted wherever
needed. Onset Computer Corp. (800) 564-4377

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