‘Intangibles’ Seen Fueling Growth and Creating Profitable Companies

by WOHe

‘Intangibles’ Seen Fueling Growth and Creating
Profitable Companies

High-performance companies in the kitchen and bath
industry exhibit a number of key “intangibles” which seemingly help
fuel their growth.

That’s the view of business management experts
Steve Vlachos, CKD, and Hank Darlington the educators who led
K&BDN’s recent series of “Managing for Profit” seminars in
major U.S. markets.

Vlachos and Darlington offer the following
intangibles that characterize the most profitable firms:
1. A strategy to get the company where it is going.
2. Effective leadership.
3. Effective communication.
4. An emphasis on teamwork.
5. An emphasis on quality service.
6. A clear focus on results.
7. Meaningful reward and recognition systems.
8. Efficient organizational structure.

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