Internet Is a Source for Getting Ideas, Rather Than Shopping

by WOHe

Internet Is a Source for Getting Ideas, Rather Than

Hackettstown, NJ A growing number of homeowners are using the
Internet to gather remodeling and decorating ideas, but they remain
split on where to actually purchase the home products and services
they desire, a new survey has found.

Citing a recent on-line survey conducted by the Hearst Group of
consumer magazines, the National Kitchen & Bath Association
reported last month that the majority of surveyed homeowners said
that retail outlets offer more choices and make it easier to
visualize the exact product. “Consumers also would rather see and
touch items before buying, and there is still a growing concern
regarding on-line security when paying by credit card,” the NKBA

On the other hand, survey respondents noted that the Internet
makes shopping “much easier and less stressful, and provides more
information about the product,” the trade association noted.
When shopping on the Internet, consumers are most likely to buy
simple home accessories, appliances, furniture and home decorating
products, the survey found.

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