ISSFA, K&BDN Form Exclusive New Alliance

by WOHe

ISSFA, K&BDN Form Exclusive New

Henderson, NV Kitchen & Bath Design News and the International
Solid Surface Fabricators Association (ISSFA) have established a
strategic alliance that will include jointly- sponsored training
sessions and a series of promotional programs aimed at assisting
solid surface fabricators in the workplace.

The exclusive industry alliance was announced in June by Kitchen
& Bath Design News publisher Eliot Sefrin and ISSFA executive
director Mike Duggan. Under the terms of the agreement, K&BDN
will formally recognize ISSFA as the exclusive trade association
that speaks for the solid surface industry, and ISSFA will
recognize K&BDN as the “official magazine of the kitchen and
bath industry.”

“ISSFA is a fast-growing and dynamic trade association that has
done a tremendous job in representing the interests of solid
surface fabricators a key link to the kitchen and bath trade,” said
Sefrin. “K&BDN is pleased to be an industry partner with ISSFA,
and is grateful for ISSFA’s acknowledgement of our merits. We will
do our best to help the association.”

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