It’s great that collaboration is taken for granted


There’s a discussion in our LinkedIn group about lighting control, which begins with the question of why more contractors don’t insist that lighting control is part of the plan. The discussion takes a turn toward the question of whose responsibility it is to suggest lighting control in the first place. Should the architect bring it up? The interior designer? The builder? Who should do it?

I think it’s your responsibility, whoever you are, to suggest products that will make the home and its inhabitants’ lives better. Take ownership of informing and educating the homeowners, whether you’re a GC or a sub. Does it really matter who makes the suggestion, as long as it’s made and the client gets the benefit? Think about it from the client’s perspective; will he or she care who brought it up?

What’s implied and overlooked in the discussion on LinkedIn is that many people are involved in the process of designing and building a home, not just one person. This is how it should be. I love that the discussion is taking place at all. So many of you are open to the concept of a collaborative design/build process which is music to my ears. It’s the only way to deliver the best product to the homeowner.

Whether it’s lighting control, tankless water heaters, efficient windows, insulation or site orientation, the important thing is to discuss it, early and often.

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