Jackson Design and Remodeling, San Diego

by lbanyay@solagroup.com

Built in 1962 atop Mt. Helix, the free-spirited professional homeowners sought to replicate the feeling of an outdoor shower they’d experienced while traveling in the Caribbean. The original bath still had shag carpet, a raised tub and small shower stall. The small space was particularly out of proportion in relation to the very tall clients. The new design created a gray wall from two 4- by 12-ft. slabs of Neolith sintered compact surface; one of the slabs housed the shower controls. A sliding door between the indoor and outdoor spaces is designed to let water flow in or out. A dark purple wall visually frames the adjacent hillside forest and a large vanity mirror, frosted glass, ample natural light and large-scale shower space lightens and opens the area.

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