January Letter from Chapters to NARI National

Correspondence from local chapters of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry to the national officers and board of directors of NARI. This letter was sent January 28, 2021. It is the basis of demands from local chapters to NARI leaders about dues, association governance, and services from National NARI to member companies in local areas.

January 28, 2021

Via Email

Dear NARI National Board of Directors,

We write to share serious concerns that we have with NARI National leadership. It is our genuine objective to work together with the National Board of Directors to remedy those concerns. As we examine the benefits of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, we find the core benefit — the very foundation itself — to be the connections made between members within our community. The connections we build and sustain through our membership in NARI are some of the most cherished professional and personal relationships we carry with us. Time and time again, when we ask out local members which benefits of NARI are the most valuable to them, they tell us it is the connections they have made with other members. While NARI name recognition and certification ARE valuable, they rank low compared to these community focused benefits provided only by local NARI chapters. We receive many questions from our members asking, “What does National do for members?” “What benefit do I get for my National dues?” We hope to be able to answer that question for our members based on National’s response to this letter.

For those of us who have taken the opportunity to share in this community on a national level, whether by serving on a committee, attending national events or making friendships and connecting resources across the country, we can attest that the highest benefit continues to be meaningful relationships. For a handful of years, the relationship between local chapters and NARI National has been strained, and the trials of the past year have brought this to the forefront. Sadly, we have grown to question whether out chapters are seen by national as a boon or a burden, and vice versa. We fail to see whether chapters currently fit into the strategic vision of the National Board of Directors. It is the responsibility of an association’s Board of Directors to represent its members selflessly and with clear purpose.

We strongly believe that if National continues in their current strategic direction, it will prove detrimental to our association as a whole and membership will continue to decline. The life below outlines our concerns:

  • The dues increase of $30 is unsustainable for chapters to absorb during this time of diminishing revenues and limited services and should be eliminated
  • The current requirements for national attendance and committee leadership are unrealistic and hinder participation at the national level. There must be a realistic, clearly defined avenue for members to qualify for a national officer seat.
  • Member and/or chapter concerns have a limited path to directly seek fundamental reforms that might benefit the association as a whole. Under the current leadership structure, the CEO and Executive Committee control appointments to the National Board of Directors, which are then voted upon by the House of Delegates. We demand that the board seats be elected solely by the House of Delegates, not appointed. Further, we demand each region should have a representative on the National Board, elected by their Chapter Delegates along with one representative from each council and forum.
  • In recent years we have become alarmed by the growing lack of transparency from National. A more transparent environment results in higher loyalty and stronger relationships among association members. We want the Board of Directors to enact reforms to address the lack of transparency.
  • Cease actions that conflict with Chapter Agreements (i.e., direct outreach to a chapter’s members to collect their dues), unless agreed to by the chapter.
  • We demand that National clearly share their long- and shore-term strategic plan with all Chapter Executives and Elected Leaders to there is strategic cohesion between National and local chapters.

We, the undersigned NARI Chapter leaders and members, comprising 45% of the chapter members of the National Association of Remodeling Industry, affirm our support for a democratic and vibrant association that promotes professionalism and encourages and supports the chapters.

Local chapters are the backbone of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, promoting our mission and values, instilling the NARI brand into communities, and building relationships which are the key benefit that sets NARI apart from other organizations. We expect to be recognized as such by the National Leadership by having our voices heard and each of our concerns addressed as outlined above. We, the undersigned, demand that National responds to this letter within fifteen (15) days after receipt.

Respectfully Submitted On Behalf of the Board of Directors of Each of the Following Chapters:

Delchester NARI (Pennsylvania)
EM NARI (Eastern Massachusetts)
Greater Omaha Remodelers NARI
Greater Phoenix NARI
NARI of Bucks-Mont (Pennsylvania)
NARI of Central Ohio
NARI Central Virginia
NARI of Greater Cleveland
NARI of Idaho
NARI of Madison
NARI of Minnesota
NARI New York
NARI North Texas
NARI San Antonio

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