July Remodelers’ Choice

by Kacey Larsen

The following product received the most reader inquiries from the April issue of Qualified Remodeler:   

Armstrong Ceilings


Whether looking to achieve the look of wood millwork on a budget or looking to cover damaged drywall, plaster or popcorn ceilings, WoodHaven Ceiling Planks from Armstrong Ceilings can add the warmth of natural-looking wood to a space. Made of medium density fiberboard, the 5- by 84-inch planks are prefinished and do not require sanding, sealing or staining. A beveled tongue-and-groove edge minimizes the appearance of gaps during normal expansion and contraction.

Available finishes are classic white, painted white, beadboard, knotty pine, natural maple, classic maple, new apple, rustic pine, white wash, light ash, natural cherry, bamboo and weathered. The painted white and beadboard offerings can be used for wainscoting or walls (in addition to ceilings) and are paintable. Providing an updated appearance without losing ceiling height, the ceiling planks can be installed directly over an existing ceiling, especially if a 15/16-inch suspended ceiling grid is in place.

Transforming an existing 15/16-inch drop ceiling using the Easy Up clips is one installation method. The Easy Up track and clip system is another, allowing for a more flexible installation as the floating system accommodates a home’s natural movement. The third installation method for WoodHaven Ceiling Planks is suitable for nonflat surfaces and uses the included installation clips and screws, which install directly to furring strips. If installing directly to drywall, then 1.5-inch drywall screws are recommended.

For more information, visit ceilings.com/woodhaven

The following product received the most reader inquiries in the past month on QualifiedRemodeler.com




Midtown with mortar[/caption]In response to growing demand for veneer stone, Arriscraft introduces its Coastal Series and Midtown thin products. Created using the company’s Natural Process technology that uses natural materials and color pigments to replicate how stone is created in the earth, the two thin-clad products offer a variety of installation options with modern flair.

The linear Coastal Series (far right) represents an evolution of Arriscraft’s Arris-stack product with three face rises—2 1/8, 3 5/8 and 6 3/16 inches—preblended. For applications seeking a sleek look with a mortar joint, its versatility provides a distinct option to the drystack look. It is offered in five colors: Amalfi, Baja, Black Sands, Cape Cod and White Cliff. Featuring two slim-face rises in long lengths, the Midtown product (near right) delivers a look similar to linear brick. It can be installed with or without mortar depending on the desired look, and Midtown—unlike many Arriscraft products that combine sizes in a bond pattern—can be laid separately with one size continuously, or the two sizes can be combined. Five colors are available in the two size offerings: Biscayne, Broadway, Lombard, Newbury and Peachtree. Both the Coastal Series and Midtown product offer return corner units for a seamless finish.

For more information, visit arriscraft.com/products/thin-masonry.

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