Keeping Employees Motivated in the Dog Days of Summer


It’s easy for even the most high-achieving employees to languish when the kids are out of school and vacation is just around the corner. Keeping employees motivated in the dog days of summer can pay productivity and efficiency dividends for your company year-round. A careful balance of positive reinforcement and flexibility, with a little tough love, will help reenergize employees and keep them focused when the mercury rises.

Our company has been named a top workplace in major cities up and down the east coast, and we attribute that primarily to employee satisfaction. We do our best to help our employees realize they’re an important part of the Power family. Knowing how much their role in the company is valued across all departments is a huge motivating factor to our employees.

Tuning in to the needs of employees to keep productivity and morale high can be tricky for any business. At Power, we keep the following guidelines in mind to help us stay on track:

  • Celebrate success. This simple tip makes a world of difference in motivating employees to stay productive. A thank you note, phone call or congratulatory email is a great way to reward good performance and let employees know you recognize their accomplishments. For a larger accomplishment, such as an entire team meeting a challenging goal, treating the team to a lunch, drinks at a local pub or even an afternoon movie at an air-conditioned theater can boost morale without taking too much time away from work. 
  • Tune in to your work environment. It’s important to make employees feel welcome when they come to work. Creating an atmosphere of camaraderie helps employees feel like they are an important part of the team, and they’re more motivated to put in a hard day’s work. Positivity is key, and employees will likely look to management to create an upbeat work environment. 
  • Power through it. We take the name of our company literally when it comes to our work. It’s tempting to slow down and take a break on hot summer days, but it’s important to remember that your competitors are likely not slowing down, and the next big thing to compete with your business might be just around the corner.

Every company’s culture and work force is different, so it’s important to tune into your employees needs and develop innovative solutions that match up with the dynamic of your business. For example, some offices may be able to offer flex time or reduced summer hours where employees can set their own schedule to fit their needs. Switching up your routine with the occasional lunch outside or a special happy hour where employees can mingle with management are easy ways to help employees feel valued at your company. Summer is also a great time to try something new, like a book club or brown bag professional development series, and adopt what works for your business throughout the year to keep employees engaged for the full year.

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