Kessler Honored For Contributions

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Kessler Honored For Contributions

Wood-Ridge, NJ Moe Kessler, the president of Outwater Plastics
Industries, Inc., has been named the recipient of the first annual
TSI Plastics Innovator Award, for the “outstanding contributions”
he has made to the plastics industry over the course of a 29-year
career as founder and leader of his company.

The award was presented at the recent Plasti-Fab/Midwest
Industrial Woodworking Show, in Grand Rapids, MI.
Outwater Plastics Industries and its corporate affiliate,
Architectural Products by Outwater, is a major international
stocking supplier of hardware and components to the cabinet and
furniture manufacturing trades. The company was founded in 1972 and
is headquartered here.

Kessler was honored for his multiple business accomplishments,
and for helping to lift plastic from its former “pejorative
connotation” as a “proverbial second fiddle” to products
manufactured from other materials, according to TSI. As to other
accomplishments, he was among the first suppliers in the cabinet
industry to develop and offer a wide range of plastics products
that had previously only been offered in metal and other

In recognition of his efforts, TSI made a $1,000 donation in
memory of Kessler’s late wife, Sylvia, to the Association for the
Help of Retarded Children/Manhattan, a charity she had supported
for many years. Prior to her death, Sylvia Kessler had also been
instrumental in the founding and operating of Outwater.

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