Kindred Honors Top Sales Reps

by WOHe

Kindred Honors Top Sales Reps

Midland, Ontario Kindred Industries, Ltd., the Franke-owned
kitchen sink manufacturer based here, has recognized five of its
top sales representatives for their accomplishments during 2000,
the company announced.

Honored at Kindred’s recent U.S.A. sales meeting were the
following reps:

  • Regional Sales Represen-tative Awards, to John Ogden, of Ogden
    Sales Associates, Inc. (Eastern Region); Rocco Petrosino, of Kamco
    Representatives Inc. (Central Region), and Dick Baur, of Meadow
    Creek Sales (Western Region).
  • National Sales Representative of the Year Award, to Philip
    Brill of Brill Associates.
  • President’s Club Award, to Bob Sears of Ellsworth Kiel
    Associates and Philip Brill of Brill Associates.

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