O’Donnell Dannwolf and Partners Architects
Hollywood, Fla.

Project name: Four Seasons Kitchen
Project location: Miami, Fla.
Square footage (finished): 320 s.f.
Total project cost (not land): $110,000

This kitchen is part of a 4,000-sq.-ft. home. Design called for maximizing the views from floor to ceiling in an open floor plan, while creating a functional kitchen with plenty of storage and counter space. An early decision placed the kitchen off the living and dining room area so it could open to a balcony. This placement at the end of the axis of the living room turned the kitchen into a focal point.

The challenge was to create a working kitchen that was open and yet would terminate the view of the living room. The solution was layering the kitchen space into a series of elements, both as vertical 3-D pieces in the form of cabinetry, and a series of horizontal planes in the form of countertop surfaces and ceiling planes. The upper cabinetry of the rear wall was recessed into the wall and allowed to be coplanar with tall pullout cabinetry and the wine reserve, while the sink and surrounding countertop areas were pulled forward. This background wall is in contrast to dark wood and acid-etched glass of the backsplash. The island countertop, as well as the ceiling plane, is asymmetrical to draw the viewer’s eye into the kitchen and direct it toward the balcony view.

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