Kolbe Celebrates Major Milestones

by bkrigbaum@solagroup.com

Wausau, Wis. — What began in 1946 as a two-brother team has grown into
an internationally-respected company and one of the largest
manufacturing employers in North Central Wisconsin – Kolbe
& Kolbe Millwork Company, Inc. Through its history, the company
and its employees have shared their talents and expertise making
millions of products for prominent homes and buildings.

In 2008, Point Five Windows and Doors intertwined its own legacy with
Kolbe’s. Founded 30 years ago in Fort Collins, Colorado, Point Five now
custom designs and fabricates products for ultra-luxury homes and
commercial projects.

“Whether in Colorado or Wisconsin, our employees share a commitment to
always using the best materials and superior craftsmanship to produce
the finest windows and doors available,” says Mike Salsieder, president
of Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co.

Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co.’s 65-year success story starts with
the tale of brothers Herb and Ervin. Born just before the Great
Depression, they were children during the stock market crash of 1929
and endured the hardships of the decade that followed. Still, they
shared a rich and full childhood. Their work ethic was built during
their days on the family dairy farm and guided them as they built the
business. These humble beginnings, along with the Kolbe brothers’
dedication to producing premium quality windows and doors, served as
the foundation for what now is known as the Kolbe® windows and
doors brand.

Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. remains a privately held,
community-oriented business. The company invests in continuous
improvement to maximize efficiencies and innovation to maximize
opportunities. Covering nearly 1 million square feet, its
state-of-the-art facilities feature high-tech machinery and a design
center to present the creative possibilities offered by Kolbe windows
and doors.

A timeline of significant events and a video from the company’s 60th
anniversary may be viewed on Kolbe’s website.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kolbe, Point Five Windows and Doors
“shares a dedication to our customers, our craftsmanship and our
communities,” says Jeffrey DeLonay, Point Five’s president. “We
continue the tradition of unparalleled quality, service and commitment
that has brought the company ongoing success.”

Since its founding, Point Five has focused on high-performance,
historically-accurate and highly-customized window and door products.
In 1991, Point Five became the first, and only company in the nation to
offer custom copper-clad windows and doors as a standard. With this
demand, Point Five expanded into the luxury estate market throughout
the United States.

Today, Point Five primarily works with architects and builders of
exceptional custom homes around the country, many of which are more
than 25,000 square feet. These prestigious residences typically are
located in resort and vacation destinations from Malibu to Aspen to
Kiawah Island and the Bahamas. According to DeLonay, “We take pride in
working with these elite customers to provide outstanding window and
door solutions for their estates.”

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