After two years of ‘running and gunning’ to meet surging client demand, home improvement leaders are shifting gears as the market cools. The focus today is on the fundamentals of running a home improvement business, namely, new ways to drive leads more efficiently as well as new tools and training required to make the most of each sales opportunity. That’s the focus of TOP 500 LIVE next month in Columbus.

 “Like everyone, we see the market for home improvements shifting this fall and into 2023,” said Patrick O’Toole, co-owner of SOLA Group Inc. which owns Qualified Remodeler and hosts TOP 500 LIVE each year. “That is why our agenda is geared toward helping home improvement leaders get ready for what may be coming.”

In addition to an owner’s camp presented by Rodney Webb, the following programs are also on the agenda.

  1. Big-Time, Lead-Gen Insights for 2023 
  • All-Star Panel: Lead-gen insights from four of the best marketers in the business; Amy Zimmerman of Leaf Home | Tundraland; Jill Ferguson of  Renuity | MaxHome; Marci Katz of Renovo | NEWPRO; and Beth Biron of Renovo | Reborn Cabinets. This team of peers will tell you what’s working best right now. 
  • TOP 500 TALK: Testing, Investing, Resting: How to drive leads at an effective cost. With media and lead-gen rapidly evolving, mastering a balanced source mix is the key to sustained growth. This is presented by Dawn Dewey, SVP marketing and business development at Renovo | Dreamstyle. 
  • QR Marketing Matters Podcaster: Rich Harshaw offers tips and tricks to boost website performance. 
  1. Sales Management and Sales Leadership Ideas 
  • Top sales-management and sales-strategy consultant and speaker Rodney Webb offers the Day 2 keynote, with an optional two-hour boot camp. 
  • CEO and sales consultant Joe Talmon of Dave Yoho Associates offers insight on managing a sales team in today’s fast-paced environment.  
  • The Hero Sales Culture: Nathan Tebedo of ContractorCoachPRO offers his take on how to establish the right culture for a high-performing sales team. 
  • John Martindale and Scott Siegal of Certified Contractors Network offer their new sales leadership workshop, which is helping CCN member firms achieve fast results. 
  1. Business Vision from Fast-Growing National Firms 

TOP 500 TALKS include: 

Scott Berman
Daniel Gluck
Jay Mitchell
Chris Counahan
  • Scott Berman, President of Florida Window and Door, No. 20 on the 2022 TOP 500. 
  • Daniel Gluck, CEO of Titan Holdings | Renuity, No. 8 on the 2022 TOP 500. 
  • Jay Mitchell, Managing Director of Audax Private Equity | Renovo whose member companies would combine for a top 5 placement on the 2022 TOP 500. 
  • Chris Counahan, Chief Sales Officer, Leaf Home, No. 2 on the 2022 TOP 500. 
Danny Fisher
  1. Technology Vision from FAST Remodelers 
  • Danny Fisher, Chief Technology Officer at West Shore Home, No. 7 on the 2022 TOP 500. 

The full agenda and registration information for the event can be found at QR

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