Lead Paint Test Kit Round-up

by WOHe

Dec. 8 -2010 –

There are three kits currently available for testing for the presence of lead-based paint that are  EPA recognized. All three conform to the EPA criteria of providing a less than 5% false negative reading and delivering a 95% confidence for paint containing lead at or above the regulated level.

State of Massachusetts Lead Test Kit
According to the National Center for Healthy Housing the State of Massachusetts test kit is available ONLY to certified Massachusetts State Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors.  If you live outside the state or are a renovator, you may not use it.

LeadCheck Swabs – for Wood or Ferrous Metal
LeadCheck Swabs provide fast testing (30 seconds) for the presence of lead and, according to the manufacturer, will detect “leachable lead on any surface.” 

However the EPA only recognizes the LeadCheck Swab reliability for determining the absence of lead-based paint on wood or ferrous metal (alloys that contain iron). 

Many contractors find these easy to use … crush, shake, swab, and wait 30 seconds.  If the swab turns red, there is a presence of lead. 

Manufactured by Hybrivet Systems, Inc.

Third party documentation of effectiveness

D-Lead Test Kits – For Wood, Ferrous Metal, Drywall and Plaster
The D-Lead testing process is a little more involved than the LeadCheck Swab procedure, and requires obtaining small chips of paint from the surface that are placed in vials.  It takes about 13 minutes for the results.

There is a full instructional manual on-line , as well as forms you can download to assure you gather the proper testing paperwork.

ProTools Review recently provided a detailed evaluation of the product which points out it is the ONLY test kit (as of Sept. 2010) that is both ETV Tested and EPA Recognized.

D-Lead Test Kits are available through a variety of online providers, as well as manufactured for Klean-Strip and available at Home Depot. (approx $30 per kit – 6 tests per kit.)

Other online providers:
Professional Equipment.com: 120 tests per kit.  

Lab Safety Supply: 120 tests per kit

Announcement of D-Lead EPA Recognition

Manufactured by ESCA Tech, Inc., www.esca-tech.com.

Link to EPA Lead Test Kit information

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