Leading by Example

by WOHe

Leading by Example

In an increasingly complex world, the need for strong leadership
becomes more and more essential. While some may stand pat, there
are others who view each new day not only as a challenge, but as an
opportunity to do something truly great and that’s what leadership
is all about.

The kitchen and bath industry is a strong testament to this
idea, offering more than its fair share of individuals and
companies who use these opportunities to educate, inspire and
motivate us all simply by their example.
To that end, Kitchen & Bath Design News is once again honoring
individuals and companies in the kitchen and bath design industry
who act as true leaders, with the presentation of its fourth annual
Industry Leadership Awards (see related Editorial, Page 7). A total
of 16 industry players including kitchen and bath dealers,
designers, distributors, “whotailers,” manufacturers, sales reps
and others have been named as recipients of the 2002 Industry
Leadership Awards, presented exclusively by K&BDN. Each award
recipients is highlighted in this month’s issue.

Begun in 1999, the Industry Leadership Awards competition is the
first and only kitchen and bath industry honors of its kind,
focusing specifically on leadership excellence and outstanding
industry achievement in a variety of categories.

“Existing award programs in the kitchen and bath industry focus
primarily on design talent. But, while design skills are certainly
important, true excellence comes from mastering all aspects of our
business, from customer service, sales, marketing and business
management skills to the ability to create effective showroom
displays and make an impact in our communities at large,” states
K&BDN editor Janice Costa.

“The companies and associates we’re singling out for recognition
with the 2002 awards are true leaders whose achievements have made
a difference to their companies, to their customers, to their
communities, and to the kitchen and bath industry at large,”
continues Costa. “Their success is not a mystery they are true
professionals who have talent, vision, solid planning skills, and
the ability to execute these. They are shining examples whose
talent, hard work and business savvy can and should be admired,
studied and emulated.”

Overall Excellence in Operating a Kitchen & Bath
honoring independent kitchen and bath
dealers for general excellence in design, management, sales,
marketing, customer service, professionalism and all other aspects
of operating a successful dealership.
First Place: Kitchen Art, Coral Springs, FL
Second Place: Cameo Kitchens, Inc., Falls Church, VA
Third Place: Distinctive Kitchens, designs by Steenbeke & Sons,
Concord, NH

Overall Excellence in Operating a K&B Distribution or “Whotail”
honoring kitchen/bath distributors or
wholesale/retail firms (“whotailers”) for general excellence in
management, sales, marketing, customer service and support for
dealers, remodelers and other product specifiers.
First Place: The Fretz Corporation, Philadelphia, PA
Second Place: Consumers Warehouse Center, Inc., Holbrook, NY

Most Innovative Kitchen or Bath Retail Marketing
honoring kitchen/bath dealers, whotailers,
multi-branch or other retail outlets for a targeted marketing
effort that successfully combines advertising, promotion and
special events, while resulting in demonstrable sales growth.
First Place: Kurtis Kitchen & Bath Centers, Livonia, MI
Second Place: Dalia Kitchen Design, Boston, MA

Most Innovative Showroom or Use of Displays
kitchen/bath dealers, distributors or whotailers for outstanding
product merchandising, showroom design, use of displays or unique
use of a showroom as a marketing vehicle.
First Place: Clarke, Hopkinton, MA
Second Place: RSI Kitchen & Bath, St. Louis, MO
Third Place Tie: Reico Kitchen & Bath, Springfield, VA
Third Place Tie: Abruzzo Kitchens, Schaumburg, IL

Independent or Factory Sales Rep of the Year
factory-employed or independent sales or customer service
representatives for successfully representing the interests of
suppliers while demonstrating superior support and responsiveness
to the needs of their customers.
First Place: John McCarty, Tierney & Associates, Springfield,
Second Place: Giacinto Lucci, CKD, Mouser/Joseph & Associates,
Nashville, MI

Outstanding Industry or Community Service
kitchen/bath industry-related individuals, companies or groups of
any kind for an outstanding contribution to their community or the
public at large, or to contributing to the growth in stature and
professionalism of the industry.
First Place: Morris Black & Sons, Inc., Allentown, PA
Second Place: Wilco Cabinet Makers, Inc., Green Bay, WI
Third Place: Merillat Industries, LLC, Adrian, MI

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