Leading Design/Build Firms 2003

by WOHe

Every local housing market is different; every design/build firm is unique. There is no one right path to success. There is no handbook to achieve it. But there are consistent practices that are developed and used by successful firms. Despite differences in market conditions, codes or company goals, there are similarities these companies share that allow them to run rewarding businesses — establishing sound business systems to achieve a profit; a focus on business development; the commitment to give back to their employees, their communities and the industry; and providing their clients with the best possible service along the way.

Each of the following companies is a leading design/build firm. Each is unique, from their markets to their projects to their processes, but they share a common vision — to be the best they can. None was an overnight sensation; none has attained perfection. Success is not a finished piece of art, but a work in progress, a journey.

Design/Build Business challenges you to take a look at these successful residential design/build firms, and see if there is a practice you can apply in your own journey.

The 12 Design/Build Leader Winners are:

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