Lessons From Our Future

by WOHe

Theirs are the voices of youth full of energy and optimism and
bold, daring dreams that haven’t been worn away yet by the
day-to-day grind of the workplace.

They’re voices that are tethered to an intense desire to excel,
to the wisdom of thinking outside the box, to an acute sensitivity
to the needs of kitchen/bath clients.

They speak of the desire to maintain integrity, deliver on
promises, leave a lasting mark on the people whose lives they

They resonate with an impressive maturity and command of the
They emanate from young people who’ll one day be setting the
trends, establishing the standards, expanding the boundaries, and
giving the kitchen/bath industry its direction.

Listen to them speak:

“As a kitchen and bath designerI will always be honest with my
clients, fellow designers and employees. When customers come to me,
they’ll know that I’m someone who demands honesty and professional
practices. When a client commits to a design, they entrust you with
their dream. I understand this. I also understand that dreams are
something not to be taken lightly.”

Elizabeth Goltz, U. of Neb. at Kearny

Hear what they have to say:

“My goal in the upbeat, competitive world of design is to make
a difference by becoming unique in each individual design. I feel
it is important to remain open-minded. I will have hurdles to jump,
and when I land, all I will have to show is that I have learned
something new. To me, the design of a kitchen or bath is comparable
to a vast, beautiful, open field with no fences or boundaries. With
each design I create, I hope the viewer notices something new they
had not previously noticed.”

Kelly Vogt, Indiana State University

Be encouraged by their words:

“Now, more than ever, interior environments need to be pleasing
and comforting to those who inhabit them. People desire a sense of
tranquility in every space in their home. Since not everyone has
the knowledge to turn a room into a special haven, this is where
I’ll make a difference in peoples’ lives. I will help people
achieve spaces that are truly and uniquely theirs.”

Teresa Seegers, Alexandria Tech. College

The voices we’re quoting are those of the students named as winners
in the 2002 “Student Designer Scholarship” program, an annual
competition co-sponsored by Kitchen & Bath Design News and the
National Kitchen & Bath Association. The program, aimed at
assisting the educational efforts of promising students at
NKBA-endorsed colleges, saw the students honored during last
month’s Kitchen/Bath Industry Show.

K&BDN takes great pleasure in offering these
scholarships, and in reading the required essays on the topic: “How
I Plan to Make a Difference in the Kitchen and Bath Design

It’s rewarding to feel that we’re playing some
small role in nurturing the talent of students like the 2001
winner, Pam Di Valerio, of Learning Tree University, who

“As a designer it is a great honor to be asked to come into a
client’s home, and literally become part of their family, life and
world for the duration of the project. It will be my responsibility
to know the design process and the needs of my client as that
process is taking shape. I will need to have the clarity of vision
and sharpness of imagination to create kitchens and bathrooms that
will be of greatest benefit to my clients.”

It’s refreshing inspiring, even to listen to voices like that of
another 2001 winner, Stephanie Schneider, of the University of
Nebraska at Kearny, whose essay read, in part:

“I want to be known as someone who does it right the first
time. No one wants a designer who is going to do something just to
get it done. I will strive to think ‘outside the box.’ I will take
pride in all of my work, and will do whatever it takes to make it
the best design for each particular person.”

Our thanks go to the NKBA for helping K&BDN offer the
scholarship program. Our thanks go, as well, to the NKBA-endorsed
college instructors who are, obviously, having an enormously
positive impact on the professional aspirations of their

Lastly, our thanks go to the winners of the
scholarship program themselves. They remind us about virtues all of
us should carry to the workplace each day. They reassure, through
their voices and their wisdom and their words, that the future of
the kitchen and bath industry is seemingly in very good hands.

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