Lifetime Warranty On China Fixtures Offered by Eljer

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Lifetime Warranty On China Fixtures Offered by

New York In a move it called an industry first, Eljer
Plumbingware has launched a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all
vitreous china products used in residential applications, the
company announced.

The Dallas-based Eljer, which announced the warranty in
late-February, said it covers countertop lavatories and pedestal
lavs, as well as 1.6-gallon-per-flush one-piece and two-piece

In addition to the new china product warranty, Eljer said it
will continue to offer a limited lifetime warranty on its enameled
cast iron, Duracore and faucet products.

“Our warranty program really makes a strong statement to the
industry, as well as to homeowners nationwide,” said Eljer
president Jim Harris. “We believe it’s important to pass our
confidence in Eljer products on to the consumer.”

The warranty covers all vitreous china products installed after
Jan. 1, 2000 in residential applications.

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