Deck Lighting Kits from Deck Lighting Systems add plug and play to the outdoor living sector – literally. Sold in kits that someone can hold in one hand, plugging two pieces together is designed to be the only complicated part of its installation.

The Deck Lighting Kits add ambiance and character to decks, stairs, railings and more. “[They are] intended to accent your outdoor space. The fixtures are trending to invisible or hidden yet create beautiful lighting for your space,” says Dave Lombardo, director new business development, Deck Lighting Systems.

The kits are waterproof, run on a DC current, and display LED lighting. Two lighting choices are available: incandescent LED and LED. A sensor tells the lighting units when to turn the lights on or off based on the current lighting needs. Because the product includes LED lights, no heat is emanated which prevents it from attracting bugs.

“[The installation is] beyond simple, connect A to B. No splicing, crimping, wire nuts,” Lombardo says. Builders and contractors can install the product without the need of an electrician – however one can be used if preferred. In addition to purchasing the kit, installers will need to buy a power supply. The company provides a 11 step-by-step guide to installation on its website.

The unique feature behind the product is its harness. This harness connects the product to the power supply, is waterproof and designed to provide reliability and longevity to the product. Users can choose between white or black options, or can paint it to blend in with its setting.

Due to its ease of installation and reliability, Lombardo adds it can be used in various settings – including highlighting a wheelchair ramp to enhance its accessibility features. The company also offers an indoor product, StairLighting.

“Architects and builders use this product because it’s simple, easy sell, easy install, half the labor cost, and will not have any call backs or service issues,” Lombardo adds. Systems can be purchased through a dealer or directly through the company.

For more information on the product, visit or circle X. – Maureen Alley

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