LS3P | Neal Prince Studio, Greenville, S.C.

Kitchen $75,000-$150,000 | Silver

Project name: Laurel Ridge Kitchen Renovation

The remodel of a kitchen and breakfast room in Greenville, S.C., had three goals: enlarging the space, brightening the space and simplifying the space. Small, drab, poorly lit and out-of-date, the previous kitchen looked straight out of the 1980s. Fussy hardware and faux craquelure finish did not match the homeowner’s affinity for contemporary design. The renovation by LS3P created a playful dialogue between a modern kitchen and traditionally furnished dining room. The removal of the wall dividing the kitchen and breakfast room necessitated the removal of a structural beam, which allowed for a flush ceiling condition in the resulting combined space. Stained oak flooring, high-gloss laminate cabinetry and manufactured stone countertops took the place of Spanish ceramic floor tiles, faux finish cabinetry and painted wood mouldings. A pair of small double-hung windows over the sink were replaced with a single larger casement window to enlarge the view out and invite in natural light. Recessed and updated dimmable LED light fixtures provide a combination of accent and task lighting. A pass-through between the kitchen and dining room simultaneously made the kitchen feel larger and brighter while creating additional counter and storage space.