Luxury Baths Go Retro

by WOHe

Luxury Baths Go Retro

When it comes to the current state of the luxury bath segment,
“everything old is new again” only better. While a new millennium
is beginning, the anticipated interest in contemporary styling has
instead been overtaken by the desire for fixtures and rooms
reminiscent of designs from bygone eras. Though the look may be
antique, however, functionality is definitely high-tech.

Many manufacturers of luxury bath products are introducing lines
that rely on a retro look. Introductions of classically designed
white porcelain fixtures play off of the building boom of the
1950s. Ornate styling of basins and tubs borrows heavily from the
Baroque and Victorian eras. This interest in traditional elegance
is matched by the desire for up-to-the-minute technological
benefits toilets that employ heavy gravity pull and minimal water
for more efficient flushing, pedestal sinks with faucets designed
to use less water, and bath tubs that offer hydro massage and
heated back rests for the ultimate bathing experience.

The rise in interest in a more natural look and feel in the bath
also borrows from an earlier time. To help in the escape from the
fast-paced world, many consumers are taking a cue from nature,
using wood and stone-like materials in their newly reworked rooms.
Skylights, which bring the feeling and light from the outdoors
inside, continue to be a requested element in new designs. Natural
movements are influencing the design of fixtures, as well, with
companies offering collections that feature softly curved lines and
wavy shapes. And flood showers can remind the user of being caught
in the freshness of a rainstorm.

In an ultra modern world, many consumers are relying on their
bathrooms to offer the comfort and escape of a time lost, but not
without today’s technological benefits. Clearly, it’s the best of
both worlds.

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