Make it American, Make it Home, Make it Yours


I continually encourage and attempt to engage the consumer about “bringing it back home” by buying American when remodeling or building the American dream. There are only a few – and I mean few – contractors/contributors out there that are looking at American products and manufacturing like I am. Is this because it is too difficult and time consuming to research for the components that are required to construct homes?


In all my previous blogs, you have read that it’s us, the general contractor or subcontractor, that has to educate the homeowner. With all the information on the internet, we all know that the consumer is getting educated pretty quickly and many times they’re not learning the correct information or facts that pertain to the particular project or environment. So here’s your chance to outshine your client (without making them feel inferior, of course).


In the initial conversation, why not discuss with them that you are looking into providing products manufactured in the United States? I bet most consumers don’t realize that when it comes to remodeling or new construction these products – much like our everyday soft and hard goods – do not come from manufacturers in the United States. Much to my surprise, when we started checking into the components used in construction, there were not many produced in America.


Outsourced goods have made construction a nightmare! Inferior quality, long lead times and customer service … forget about it.


We need to explain to our clients the positive and constructive advantages of building again in today’s economy, so why not put our focus on what our country can do for us by putting the nation back to work? Don’t you agree that makes good business sense?


I am happy to be part of this country, the land of the free, home of the brave. So do your part, take the time and research for American-made products and share introduce them to your clients.


Make it American, Make it home, Make it Yours


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