March Remodelers’ Choice

by Kacey Larsen

The following product received the most reader inquiries in the past month on 


Unlike traditional countertops, Transform by Caesarstone simply fits over existing surfaces—including tile, laminate, stainless steel, granite, concrete and butcher block—thus limiting disruptions for homeowners and without demolition. Including a lifetime warranty, the 13-mm quartz overlay surface can upgrade kitchens, bathrooms and more while providing scratch, stain and heat resistance. Currently, 12 colors are available: Pure White, Frosty Carrina, Blizzard, Nougat, Bianco Drift, Ocean Foam, Himalayan Moon, Snowy Cliffs, Atlantic Salt, Coastal Grey, Caldera and Vanilla Noir. Edges can be eased, bevel, ogee, round over or eased mitered.

The Transform process breaks down into four steps: First, basic measurements and a date/time for a fabricator consultation is set. Next, the fabricator measures the space and provides a project estimate. Third, the order is finalized, and the quartz overlay is sized and cut according to specifications. Finally, Transform  installs within hours. Uneven surfaces or over-mount sinks may require additional installation or fabrication services. For more information, visit

The following products tied for the most reader inquiries from the December issue of Qualified Remodeler

Knauf Insulation


With the introduction of its JetSpray Thermal Insulation System, Knauf Insulation provides a custom insulation solution for projects. The spray-on glass mineral wool can be applied in a net-less, side-wall application to provide thermal and acoustic comfort and efficiency—an R-value of R-15 when installed in a 2×4 cavity and R-23 in a 2×6 cavity. Additionally, JetSpray’s glass fibers are innately mold-resistant and do not support microbial growth.

Designed to install around wiring and other wall obstructions, JetSpray eliminates gaps to fill cavities while preventing settling, though the company recommends installation in cavities that have been sealed with its Ecoseal Plus. To help maximize every bag of insulation, excess JetSpray material can be scrubbed during installation, vacuumed and reused. Typically the spray-on glass mineral wood dries within 24 hours, and drywall can be installed the next day. For more information, visit



Because Schluter-Systems believes baseboards are a finishing touch that can help complete a space, its Schluter-DesignBase-SL provides an alternative to traditional baseboard. The top-set wall baseboard is made of metal to provide added durability and avoid cracking or shrinking over time. Featuring a clean, polished look, the baseboard comes in anodized aluminum with a satin finish, a brushless stainless steel appearance or color-coated aluminum in matte white. Two heights are available: 2 3/8 and 3 1/8 in.

DesignBase-SL is made without the anchoring leg traditionally used on Schluter’s profiles and trim pieces, allowing for installation after the floor. Suitable for use over any type of floor surface, the cove-shaped base sits on top of the floor and attaches to the wall using an adhesive. Because it sits on top of the finished floor, installation is designed to be fast and easy. An optional sealing lip accessory is offered to protect the floor/wall transition from moisture penetration.

For more information, visit

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