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We live in a visually stimulating world in which it’s good to draw attention from a crowd. You probably know people on the cutting edge of fashion and technology, or perhaps you are in fact that person wearing the cool clothes and driving a sweet ride. But what’s hip in the design/build community these days? My journey of looking for the best products and services has brought me to the amazing world of digital video.

People around the globe are now uploading more video images than ever before because of the easy process for doing so, and our unquenchable thirst for reality broadcasting. For many people, it’s easier to watch a video than scan through pages of text on a website looking for pertinent information. Simply typing a specific phrase or words that you are interested in can lead to great video. We live in an “edu-tainment” world, and video is the perfect medium to communicate your business’ potential, so clients can understand how your services can help them.

The digital video industry explodes with new and improved products each year. Often, manufacturers are able to integrate digital video cameras with one of the hand-held communication devices we use every day. With this “power tool” in our hands, we must ask ourselves, “Are we using it to its fullest potential?” How can we capture marketing moments, document design and building issues, and become the go-to expert without coming across as an arrogant know-it-all?

If you want to start off with a simple flip-type camera, the Vado by Creative Labs has great value. The cost is less than $100; it is compact and portable and can record up to two hours of digital video. It has a zoom function and from a user’s point of view has very easy functionality. Just plug in Vado’s flexible USB tab to post videos online or save them to your PC using its built-in software.

Before you start recording, you first must understand the two different types of people when it comes to video production. There are those who enjoy being on camera and those who will run away. If you have a reluctant cast in your video, the results may not be the best. Remember that other people will be viewing your video and you want the message to connect and resonate with them.

As for your message, choose what best represents you and your company. For example, if you specialize in green building, focus on those projects and clients that truly define your work, product and clientele. Show the details that make your work unique and/or above average. A close-up on the solar panel installation and how it operates may generate interest and trust. No one expects you to win an Academy Award for your movies; however, you should be able to communicate your company vision clearly within a short amount of time.

Recording client testimonials during the design and build phases is another great way to get your future clients comfortable with your professional services. Third-party video stories are much more effective because they are coming from the customer.

Here are a few things to consider before you hit the record button. Make sure any light source is not too bright because it will affect the quality of the images. Limit or eliminate any background movement as you don’t want to draw viewers’ attention away from the focal point of the video. Lastly, assure good sound quality by ensuring there are no background sounds that will compete with the quality of the video. If you are recording indoors, make sure HVAC fans are turned off.

Have fun and remember what happens in design/build should be broadcast on
the Internet for the world to appreciate.

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