Marvin Companies Names Paul Marvin as President of Marvin Windows and Doors


The Marvin Companies announced today that Paul Marvin has been named President of Marvin Windows and Doors effective Jan. 1, 2016.

Paul Marvin is one of the 11 fourth-generation Marvin family members actively employed in the business today, and has worked in a variety of jobs during his time with the company. Paul is currently serving as the Vice President of Sales—a position he has held for the past three years. In his new role as President, Paul will be responsible for the Marvin fenestration portfolio including leadership and oversight of the Marvin, Integrity and Infinity brands. He will report directly to John “Jake” Marvin, Chairman and CEO of The Marvin Companies. 

“Paul has strong leadership skills and has proven his abilities over the years working at Marvin,” said Jake Marvin. “In his current role as VP of Sales, he has demonstrated that he has emotional intelligence as well as the ability to take charge, create alignment, empower others and build a sense of team—characteristics of a great leader. The entire Marvin family and the board are extremely supportive of this promotion for Paul as we know he has the skills and knowledge to lead this company into the future.”

As part of the Company’s transitional plan, it was also announced that current President Susan Marvin, as well as Senior Vice President of Operations George Marvin, have been promoted to Vice-Chairs of The Marvin Companies Board, which will also take effect on January 1, 2016. 

As Vice-Chairs of The Marvin Companies, Susan and George will utilize their extensive industry and organizational knowledge and experience to assist in ongoing strategic projects for the organization. Serving as Marvin’s President for the past 20 years, Susan Marvin will focus on market-facing initiatives and opportunities, as well as company and window industry related governance. As Senior Vice President of Operations for the past 20 years, George Marvin will continue to be involved in the operations of Tecton Industries in Fargo, ND and Marvin Wood Products in Baker City, OR, as well as assist in projects focused on longer-term manufacturing opportunities. 

“In business, as in life, these generational changes are inevitable. Just as my siblings and I stepped in for our father, so is the next generation stepping in for us,” said Susan Marvin, President Marvin Windows and Doors. “Marvin has prospered for generations by upholding deeply ingrained values of quality, innovation and service to all our business and community stakeholders. Paul, and the rest of the fourth generation have spent a lifetime absorbing those values, and are committed to keeping the company family-owned and family-led well into the future. I’m excited to see what this company will accomplish under their leadership in the years to come.”

These recent promotions are the next step in Marvin’s carefully planned generational leadership transition process. The succession planning process has been carried out thoughtfully under the direction of Jake Marvin and Marvin’s Board of Directors, which contains both family members and highly respected executives from outside of the Marvin family.

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