2022 Master Design Awards: Whole House More Than $700,000 — HONORABLE MENTION-B

by Emily Blackburn

DD Ford Construction 

Santa Barbara, Calif.

Location: Santa Barbara, Calif.

Purchased site unseen from her hospital bed as she recovered from a recent surgery, the client’s biggest undertaking was well underway. She had been looking for a second home in Montecito as a sanctuary to recharge from her very busy life in Los Angeles as a premier and nationally-known interior designer. Her friends stood in disbelief as she blindly went into contract on the ugliest duckling in the Birnam Wood Golf Club neighborhood, a home that had sat on the market for some time without any interest. Much to everyone else’s chagrin, she had a vision for her place of rest and was determined to see the transformation through.

In addition to her own vision and expertise, the design direction was supported by a very talented architecture team from New York City. Together with this talented group, the company set out to  complete the project scope including stripping all interior and exterior finishes of this three-bedroom home while reconfiguring the floorplan to allow for easier access and flow.

A constant challenge was keeping up with the New York City-based design team and their desire to create new finishes, assemblies, and uses of materials. The superintendent’s ability to focus on the desired outcome and willingness to experiment led to many successful creative solutions for the design team.

Through the efforts, craftsmanship and commitment to the client’s vision, this ugly duckling was transformed into the jewel of the neighborhood. She now has her very special sanctuary surrounded by nearby friends and loved ones. The home stands as a testament to her lifelong career and achievement as a successful designer, evidence of her eye and attention for detail decorate every nook and cranny of the space. Knowing how the client loves her home continues to speak to the level of the project’s success.

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