The scope of the master suite was a bedroom that could open to an outdoor living area, a bath with double vanities and steam shower, large closet with ample storage, and an exercise room.

The original plan had the master suite on the first floor which created a challenge. During the framing stage, the only access to the second floor consisted of a ladder, so the clients opted to forego any visits to that area until a proper stairway was constructed. Once the framing was complete and the stairway installed, their first visit to the second floor resulted in a pleasant but unexpected realization that the lake views from the higher perch were spectacular. As a result, the homeowners insisted on moving the master suite to the second floor.

The solution was to change the lower level master to a guest suite and the two originally planned upper level smaller guest bedrooms and baths to the master suite. The design change was a success as the views from the bedroom, bath, exercise, bath, exercise room, and spacious balcony are breathtaking. The bedroom opens to the balcony via sliding glass doors and has a built-in retractable screen that can be lowered when needed to protect the room from solar glare, insects, and can even hold in up to 90 percent of the conditioned air. Even the shower has a window designed into the shower wall, creating a rather unique location for viewing the lake.

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