The object of this project was to interpret the personality of the homeowners into an inspiring and stunning retreat. They are a young and active couple. He is always traveling at high speed while she is far more laid back and enjoys the softer more comfortable elements of design. They have traveled the world.

The challenges included building a glass structure that could withstand a helicopter landing on its roof. Another challenge was installing an automatic drapery system that would provide privacy the entire length of the serpentine window wall when desired, yet “park” in a concealed area when not in use, so that the curtains would appear from out of nowhere. In addition, build closets that match both the owners personalities and their demand for storage, and eliminate the opportunity for clutter.

The suite was constructed using steel, an insulated concrete form foundation, and custom carved glass panels as well as a concrete roof. Custom drapery track was bent at the manufacturer’s facility. A template for the track bending was produced by a surveyor determining as-built dimensions with the aid of a GPS. Drapes stack in a closet and enter the lounge space through a small gap in the wall. The suite is automated using a smart home system.

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