Maximize affiliations, designations in marketing materials

by Kacey Larsen

While there are many pros to being involved with trade associations and having certification designations, utilizing these distinguishers in marketing materials can be good for business. One such benefit is they may be something homeowners are looking for and/or can provide an opportunity to educate potential clients who may be unfamiliar with the trade associations. Also, promoting association involvement and designations can further a company’s legitimacy.

Diane Krueger, CR, business development at Response Team 1 in Milwaukee, Wis., uses her trade association affiliation and designations on all company marketing materials. Vehicle stickers, business cards and brochures all sport the NARI logo, and they promote that the company has Certified Remodelers and Certified Project Managers on staff. Krueger even had the opportunity several years ago to be featured in a newspaper because of her involvement with the local NARI chapter.

“We really had the opportunity to maximize our affiliation when I was president of the Milwaukee NARI Association. I was the first female president in its 50-year history, and I had a nice opportunity to do a front page spread in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the business section,” she says. “Once that was published, we used that article by posting it around our office, posting it on our social media and things of that nature just to maximize the benefits of having that type of article put out about us.

 “I think [trade association affiliations] are beneficial, and when things like that article happen, it helps provide legitimacy. This is a valid contractor, they have a location, they’re not going anywhere, and they are staying put,” she continues.

Krueger recognizes that the involvement of the Milwaukee NARI Association has increased consumer awareness in the area, so potential clients may know to ask about a company’s involvement with the association. While the company does interact with homeowners who have done research on hiring a contractor, Krueger takes the opportunity to educate those who may not be as familiar with the benefits of working with a company that is involved with the associations and has employees with designations.

“I think that by having the NARI logo on our contracts, our brochures and things like that we have a door to be able to go in and say, ‘Hey, we are part of this association, and being part of this association also provides us with the opportunity to continue our education. They are constantly having seminars on what the newest techniques are, what the newest materials are, so our employees are able to stay up on that information,’ ” Krueger explains.

The legitimacy trade affiliations and designations provide even extends beyond the consumer realm into the professional sphere. Response Team 1 specializes in insurance restoration work, so the company is also involved with several trade associations specifically geared toward the insurance restoration industry, like the Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin (PIAW). Krueger uses all the company’s trade association affiliations in advertising materials to insurance agents, insurance adjusters and insurance companies. “Because they are business professionals that personally belong to associations, they understand the value of an association,” she says. “And our company can say we want to support you and understand your business.” 

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