McDonald Remodeling, Inc., Inver Grove, Minn.

by Kacey Larsen

The homeowner sought a place to showcase his personal, growing collection of firearms in an adult and responsible manner, so a space was constructed in an existing sub-garage. Challenges for the project included creating security for in and around the gun room, fire and moisture protection, displays for various types and sizes of firearms, storage and having the space match existing home details. Concrete walls were built to outline the shape of the room and extend through and under the stairway from the upper garage. The bottom of the stairway is sealed off with a metal gun vault that is fire-rated and secure. Security cameras outside the gun room further create a secure space. An electric heated floor set a few degrees warmer than the rest of the sub-garage helps control humidity, and air is mechanically vented via ductwork above the vault. Peg walls allow for placement of various sized firearms; multiple, removable gun rests of varying depths create displays for long guns; glass cabinets with lighting produce displays for specialty pieces; and closed cabinets provide storage for holsters and other accessories. Tile floors, walnut ceiling, dimmable LED lighting and walnut cabinetry tie in interior finishes from the home.

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